VZero Official Releases


VZero is an open-source game and hobby project by Ariel Horwitz. Development started in October of 2021, and has been continuously updated as of March 2022. The game requires playtesters for any significant future development.


The game was inspired by a Dota 2 mod called Legends of Dota, which allows you to play Dota with any hero and any ability kit you choose. This, instead of the carefully designed static kits determined by the classic game and its competitive scene.

VZero aims to give you that almost-overwhelming experience by designing all the abilities with this in mind, and allowing you to essentially find and play the most fun and broken combinations of abilities.


This single-player game revolves around playing through encounters full of monsters and treasures. Every encounter can be played with a different set of abilities (literally trillions of possible combinations) and is further enhanced by all the items available to buy within the encounter.

Drafting phase (ability selection)
Encounter phase (real time action)


Written in Python 3 and Kivy by Ariel Horwitz, originally intended just for friends. A very special thanks goes to Yisrael Hessler and Orr Didi for their testing and feedback.


All of the artwork (both visual and audio) was contributed directly to VZero or is collected via OpenGameArt from generous artists who have contributed to the public domain.